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Life is about knowing where you want to be!

By when you need to be there and where is it going to lead in the future


Weight Loss

looking at loosing some weight and getting into the best physique of your life. don't delay. get into my weight loss plan. i will get you into shape in 6 months.

Build muscle

it is never easy to build muscle as much as to loose weight. the trick here is to find balance. balance ? ? ?

maintenance and sustainability

after loosing weight building muscles, you need to be aware that the work has just begun. the maintenance and sustainability phase begins and this is a life long stage. i will help you to stay in the best physique of your lifee, no matter which age, gender you are.


FLexible time

you have the freedom to choose what time you would like to see me. 


  1. We respect our clients no matter who they are, what they do, gender, age and race.
  2. We never our clients take for granted.
  3. Our clients is our business.

goal oriented

  • We are driven by your goals so you can achieve your results
  • We will hold your hand until you achieve your results.


  • We tailor our rates in such a way that they are inline with your goal.
  • We honest and transparent.

flexible payment Plans

We have flexible payment plans and methods

N-Fitness Business Profile

We have been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years.

Our journey begun in 2003.

We have been training individuals who not only developed great physique.

They also grew in mentally and adopted a positive attitude in life.

We have a lot of testimonies from our clients who attest and say their doing excellent because of the influence we impacted in their lives.

We have trained entrepreneurs, influential individuals and kept them in shape and the right state of mind. Enabling them to do what they do best. 

today we still going strong doing it, for people who want a true fitness trainers and know what they want. who are willing to go all the way, grow mentally, physically and emotionally.

N-Fitness PT

Services We Offer

Small Group PT3

small group personal training

  • Training in small groups can be beneficiary because you get to have a social life within the training.
  • You motivate each other.
Boxing Fit3
  • This is a fun way of getting fit and learning a new skill.
  • Boxing teaches you coordination, balance, reaction hence it stimulates the brain and the body at the same time.
Obese children
obese Children
  • We believe with the right system of help. You can always encourage your children to stay active and develop a positive mentality towards exercise, eating healthy and leading to living a healthy lifestyle as they growing to be adults.
Strength Training
strength training
  • Strength Training is not just only good for building and toning muscles.
  • It also helps in maintaining bone density
  • Increases testosterone in the body
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Helps in strengthening the joints and improves functional strength as we age
Functional Training
functional training
  • The ability to use your body Maximaly. Shows that you are Holistically Healthy.
  • This means the ability to be able to PUSH, PULL, BEND, ROTATE, CLIMB, REACT, COORDINATE AND STRETCH
  • To be able to perform activities with your body easily
  • This can be to walk inside the mall with ease without getting tired
  • Climbing stairs in the house or at the mall
  • Cycling, Running with friends or playing with your children or grand children
  • Turning on the couch or getting in/out of your car with ease be able to use our body effectively and fully is very important. A 360 degree exercise program will help in achieving this goal. As a sport person you need this type of training. As you age this type of training become important. You want to be able to tie your shoes easily, to play with your children and grand children easily without struggle. This is a key in all aspects of life etc...
PT with Client
one-on-one personal training


  • Motivation
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Safety
  • Variation
  • Know How

Meet The Personal Trainers

Nkateko Cornelius Mcunu

Personal Trainer

N-Fitness Review

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